The health and safety of our guests and the employees is our number one priority.

For the safety of all, we would like you to pay attention to the next few guidelines for our event. Keep in mind that these measures might change, we will communicate any changes through mail. It is also recommended to check this page a few days before the event.

The Corona virus can’t spread if we don’t let it!


Anyone that does not follow these security measures will be removed from the event.

    COVID-19 guidelines for companies

  1. You will be assigned an arrival hour to avoid big clusters of people.

  2. No food or drinks will be served during the event, upon arrival you will get a food bag which you will be able to compose beforehand.

  3. You will have assigned breaks every two hours, during which you have to leave your stand so it can be disinfected, a supervisor from our team will look after your things.

  4. Walking around will only be tolerated during your break.

  5. Try to keep excessive background noise to a minimum. People tend to speak louder when there is a lot of background noise, making them spit more. This increases the risk of transmittal.

  6. Your stand will be provided with a disinfectant pump, use it regularly.

  7. Goodies for the students are not allowed.

  8. Plexiglass will separate you and the students.

  9. Only two staff members are allowed to come. Make sure to send us the names of these members so we know who to expect.

  10. Wear your mask when walking around and follow the indicating arrows.

    COVID-19 guidelines for students

  1. Wear your mask when walking around and follow the indicating arrows.

  2. A few days before the event you will be able to reserve a time-slot for your visit. Reserving a time-slot is mandatory.

  3. Look up in advance which stands you want to visit, to avoid clusters at each stand.

  4. No food or drinks will be served, make sure to eat in advance or after your visit.

  5. Avoid walking in big groups, try to come alone. If someone is already standing at a booth, continue your walk following the arrows and come back later.

  6. Be aware of your environment, respect social distancing measures.