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Machine learning developer

Sagacify, Avenue de Broqueville 12, 1150 Woluwe-Saint-Pierre

With which degree can I apply for this position?

  • Academic bachelor
  • Academic master
  • Professional bachelor

Which programmes can apply for this position?

  • Computer Science

Note that companies can often be very flexible in whom they hire for which positions, depending on choices during your education, prior experience, or personal interest. If your profile is not listed here, this does not necessarily mean that you cannot apply for this position. The best way to find out is to go and talk to the recruiters!

Who should I contact?

Joana Schmitz

About this position

More information:

As a startup providing services and creating products in Artificial Intelligence, Sagacify helps many companies in different industries automate their business processes and innovate through AI.

We use deep learning techniques to tackle innovative challenges in Natural Language Processing (like invoice data extraction for accountants, fraud detection for insurances, or invoice anomaly detection for hospitals) and Computer Vision (like disease geolocation in Africa through satellite images, logo detection in the press, or quality control in manufacturing).

We take care of the full product creation for our customers by shaping the AI brain and then making it available in their everyday processes through APIs or custom web applications.


Sagacify is looking for passionate and talented young engineers to grow its team. If you are keen to learn and use cutting-edge technologies, are highly motivated, and ready to take responsibilities, you can be our next teammate!

Two positions are currently open :

- Software developer: use technologies such as node.js, react.js, docker, ... to create the applications embedding ML models and actually deliver its power through APIs and web applications

- Machine learning developer: use technologies such as python, tensorflow, keras, ... to solve hard ML challenges and contribute to put generated models in production