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@ , 23 février 2022, 12:00 - 18:00

Quel niveau d'éducation est recherché par cette entreprise?
  • Master académique
  • Doctorat
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  • Informatique
  • Mathématiques
  • Physique
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  • Français
  • Anglais
  • Bilingue Français/Anglais
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Offres d'emploi chez B12 Consulting

Cette entreprise nous a fourni certaines offres d'emploi. Veuillez noter que ceci ne représente pas nécessairement tout les offres d'emploi de l'entreprise

Visitez leur site web: https://www.b12-consulting.com/fr#home

B12 Consulting is an IT service company created by 3 Ph.Ds in Physics. We design tailor-made solutions in software development and data science and work on a wide variety of projects, with different and recent technologies. The common points of our projects are complexity and impact: we focus on complex problems that do not have standard solutions.

We must therefore remain flexible and open to adapt to the needs and challenges of our clients. That's why our team has a very marked scientific DNA, with strong problem-solving skills. We are all curious by nature and above all we want to continue to learn.

The special thing about B12 is that, unlike other consulting companies, we develop our projects in-house: we do not send our consultants to our clients and the whole team works in our offices in Louvain-la-Neuve. You’ll have then the opportunity to work on very diverse projects, while enjoying a strongly committed team.

Finally, our culture focus on well-being. We pay attention to ergonomics and the organization of spaces. It is in this spirit that our new offices (inaugurated in 2020) have been designed. Moreover, we are a young and dynamic team and we want to share pleasant and fun moments all together!