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With this service we aim to help students find a job in a company that suits them, and at the same time to help companies that financially support the Jobday-Sciences (e.g. by attending) to find suitable candidates for positions within the company. Uploading your CV has the advantage that, when you speak to company representatives at the Jobday-Sciences, they already have your contact details if you wish to further engage with them in the recruitment process. All companies will receive a "CV book" that they can use to approach you if they think you match the specific profiles that they are looking for, including companies that financially support the Jobday-Sciences but may not necessarily attend the event itself.

The deadline for submitting your CV for the next Jobday-Sciences is Monday 19 Feb 2024 (00:00) CET

Provide an email address where we can contact you if necessary. We will not use this email address for marketing purposes and this email address will not be shared with companies.


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Can be used to specify year + specialization. For example, "2nd year, profile Software & Language Engineering"

Only files in the PDF format are accepted. Maximum filesize is 2MB.

Since your CV contains your personal data, there are a number of concerns we should inform you about and which you should explicitly agree to. By checking this box you agree that we will store and share your personal data (as part of a CV book) with all companies attending the Jobday-Sciences exclusively for professional reasons. The list of companies that your personal data will be shared with can be found here. Note that this list of companies may still grow if registrations for companies are still open. If at any point you wish to remove your personal data from our systems, you can do so by sending an email to jobday.cds@gmail.com. Note that we can only remove your personal data from our systems such that it is no longer shared from that point onwards.