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Quel niveau d'éducation est recherché par cette entreprise?
  • Master académique
  • Doctorat
Quels sont les programmes qui intéressent cette entreprise?
  • Bio-ingénieurie
  • Biologie
  • Chimie
  • Informatique
  • Mathématiques
  • Pharmacie
  • Sciences biomédicales
Quels sont les langues que le candidat doit maîtriser?

Les candidats potentiels doivent matcher une des exigences listées.

  • Anglais
  • Bilingue Néerlandais/Anglais
  • Bilingue Français/Anglais
  • Trilingue Néerlandais/Français/Anglais
Cette entreprise offre-t-elle des stages ?


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BeCRO is a professional non-profit association of Belgian Contract Research Organisations (CROs) which are supporting the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical devices industry in clinical research and development of new products. The result of the combined industry efforts, including BeCRO members, is the availability of new treatments and therapies from which patients can benefit.

BeCRO empowers its members to foster as a leading country for Clinical Research through continuous innovation, advocacy and networking.

BeCRO is present at the JobDay Sciences with 2 of its members:

  • IDDI, provides expert clinical data services: study design, RTSM, clinical data management, biostatistics ensuring submission-ready clinical data.


  • Consultys, address the needs of Life Sciences industries.  ISO 9001 Certified, they advises and helps bio-pharmaceutical industries, and more generally, all those involved in Life Sciences and Healthcare sectors, with their development projects. Main expertise are: R&D, Process, Industrial systems, Quality, Regulatory Affairs, Project Management.