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@ , 23 février 2022, 12:00 - 18:00

Quel niveau d'éducation est recherché par cette entreprise?
  • Bachelier académique
  • Programme préparatoire
  • Master académique
  • Doctorat
  • Bachelier professionnel
Quels sont les programmes qui intéressent cette entreprise?
  • Bio-ingénieurie
  • Chimie
  • Informatique
  • Mathématiques
  • Physique
Quels sont les langues que le candidat doit maîtriser?

Les candidats potentiels doivent matcher une des exigences listées.

  • Bilingue Néerlandais/Français
  • Bilingue Néerlandais/Anglais
  • Bilingue Français/Anglais
Cette entreprise offre-t-elle des stages ?


Visitez leur site web: https://kapernikov.com/

What we do and how we like to do it

We are an integrator of technology components. We like to combine state-of-the-art technologies and apply innovative methods to real world customer use cases.

We create high-tech solutions when needed. Actually, we derive a lot of satisfaction from getting recent technology up and running, to solve real client problems.

We have a clear industry focus: we work for utilities, manufacturing and machine builders. We know our way around factory floors and in infrastructure management organizations. Our understanding of these industries helps us suggest solutions that fit our clients’ needs. We do not limit ourselves to the technology domain.

We do Machine Vision & Operational Intelligence projects. We love to work in teams of both Kapernikov and customer colleagues, so we can benefit from the cross-pollination of our different backgrounds and experiences.

Operational Intelligence gives insights in industrial processes. It enables our customers or their machines to make operational decisions with confidence. We build real-time data pipelines when real-time gives added value. We enable data scientists with accurate and well-formatted datasets and our data scientists apply their industrial background to your processes.

We develop custom Machine Vision applications to improve the performance of our customers’ machines and operators.