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Visitez leur site web: https://www.universoil.be

Universoil is a dynamic office located in Belgium (Liège, Charleroi, Brussels, Ghent, Courtrai) offering expert
services in soil studies and soil remediation studies. Based in Brussels, Flanders and Wallonia, our
consultancy boasts a comprehensive knowledge of regional procedures regarding contaminated soils in
Belgium. Since its creation in May 2003, Universoil has obtained various approvals;

Our range of services embraces each stage of soil studies, from soil investigations to remediation
works (soil study, interprétation of the state of the environment, management plans, ..).

These studies, by drawing up an inventory of a potentially polluted site, aim to determine simple management
measures or more substantial rehabilitation work to be carried out depending on the situation of the site.

For these studies, Universoil can count on a team of competent collaborators (40 project engineers, 10
site technicians, 3 designers and 2 administrative assistants), with valuable experience in soil issues.
Pragmatism, concern for results and respect for the client are their watchwords. We also own 2 drilling
machine to take soil samples and install piezometers.

Many companies, small or large, as well as public administrations have already placed their trust in the
expertise and know-how of Universoil