General Information

Which education levels is this company looking for?
  • Academic bachelor
  • Preparatory programme
  • Academic master
  • PhD
  • Professional bachelor
Which specific programmes is this company interested in?
  • Computer Science
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
What are the language requirements for candidates?

Potential candidates should match one of the listed requirements.

  • French
  • English
Does this company offer internships?


About this company

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Odoo is the fastest growing Belgian IT company with 80 employees in 2014, 400 in 2018 and more than 600 planned for 2019. We like to compare this growth to a company like GOOGLE and we believe in our potential : things go faster day after day and YOU have the choice to take part in this exciting adventure. Here are some specific points in our favor : 

- We are leader on the market by offering an opensource solution that covers all needs of small and medium size companies all over the world

- Odoo is a clean, modular, scalable, modern product with a Python backend and a Javascript frontend

- We can rely on an amazing team composed of engineers and talented developers that work together to build an awesome product - unlike consulting agency. 

What if you were a developer at Odoo ? We recruit every week and our application process is fast & simple : start on